Dedicate time and space to enjoy pure bliss at the new ElisabethHotel

the high art of hospitality

The kitchen and wine cellar have always been the pride and joy of ElisabethHotel. These treasures are now being presented in even greater splendor.  

New at the ElisabethHotel: Restaurant dining hall with generous buffet area, wine cellar, fireplace lounge, hotel bar and library. Everything is in place and ready for your wonderful and delightful vacation days in Mayrhofen.

Elegant restaurant and private dining spaces

"Welcome to the front parlour!"

... is a lovely traditional welcome greeting here in Tyrol. Our restaurant areas and private dining spaces (Stuben) have an inviting interior that makes all of our guests feel welcome and comfortable – preferably at the favorite table. "It felt like home the moment we walked in" is something we are happy to hear quite often. Because here you can have it both ways: in great jolly company, or more intimate with smaller parties of family and friends – or just the two of you.

ElisabethHotel's motto holds true also for the service: Cordial attentiveness and branch expertise. "Improvised service" can be charming in a beer hall, but we highly value polite, attentive and cultivated service – and not only in the restaurant, but in the whole house. We are happy to satisfy little wishes and wants throughout the day, help to plan excursions in our lovely region or arrange for an e-bike to explore the surroundings while enjoying the fresh Alpine air. We are here to pamper our guests the best way we can.

Wine aficionados say that you can tell the quality of a hotel by examining the wine cellar. And right they are! At least when it comes to what treasures are hidden in our cellar. But at ElisabethHotel, you don't have to walk down to the basement to enjoy the exquisite drops of international top wines. Our sommelier is happy to give tips about great suitable wines for each course, and our skilled and attentive staff always serves you with a smile. The matching wine makes every meal into a delightful feast!

Watch and hear the sizzling pans in our new show kitchen! Since we believe in the German saying: "The food must also please the eye", we highly value the presentation and decoration of our dishes. Nothing over the top, just discreet elegance. Sit back and enjoy!

Gourmet board for connoisseurs

How do you win the heart of a gourmet? Sometimes also with plain, regional cuisine. After all, you do want to have tasted "Zillertaler Krapfen" or "Tiroler Gröstl" when you spend your vacation in Zillertal, Tyrol. But we naturally also feature fine dining and international specialties that will please even the fanciest palates. Our exquisite 5-course gourmet board offers a variety of choices. All meals are light and easily digested, and made exclusively with premium quality ingredients. The dinner menu also includes our crisp and fresh salad buffet and a large assortment of cheese. Vegetarian alternatives are always available, and our nutritionally trained staff gladly consults on special needs or diets. We are all looking forward to our summer barbecue evenings, which are both delicious and very entertaining!


  • Light and easily digestible food
  • Quality premium ingredients
  • Products from our own farm
  • Fresh and crisp salad buffet
  • Large cheese selection 
  • Vegetarian menus available

Breakfast buffet and afternoon snacks

For some people the day begins at dawn, while other don't care for the early bird. You are all well taken care of at ElisabethHotel, because we keep breakfast open until 11:00 a.m. The breakfast buffet is just as fresh as it is varied: crisp bread, juicy fruits, farmer's ham, muesli, yoghurt, cheese buffet, a separate corner for organic choices, coffee and a large selection of noble tea specialties. In addition we offer a choice of sweet or savory egg dishes. When you get back in the afternoon after an adventurous day in the mountains, we are waiting for you with delicious little dishes, like for example a traditional soup, cheese and bacon from the region, as well as homemade cakes and strudels.

breakfast BUFFET: rich & morning fresh

  • Crispy bread
  • Juicy fruits
  • Farmer's ham
  • Muesli
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese buffet
  • Separate organic corner
  • Coffee & large selection of fine teas
  • Warm savory or sweet egg dishes á la minute