Our restaurant lounges in our hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal

Cosiness for unique moments of pleasure.

The six cosy and traditional Tyrolean-style 'Stuben' lounges that make up our restaurant in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal transform your moment of pleasure into a fully authentic culinary experience with a traditional Zillertal feel. All of our lounges have their own theme and are as unique as they are varied. They’re all fitted with original furnishings and valuable antiques, Tyrolean art and paintings from various Tyrolean artists.

Here you can spend romantic evenings with your loved one or spend time together with other guests and friends and celebrate life. Alongside our lounges, our guests are also impressed by the club next to the reception with its high-quality leather sofas from Bielefelder Werkstätten and Florentine glass lamps from Banci. In our lobby, sumptuous furniture from Flexform and Minotti invites you to spend a moment resting there.

The Herzerlstube (the Heart Lounge)

With so many hearts, romantic feelings bubble up quickly. In our Heart Lounge, you can find original votive hearts, silver hearts and also all other types of hearts – all date from bygone days and are real rarities.

Rosenstube (the Rose Lounge)

It’s good that our ElisabethHotel food doesn’t just taste good, but is also elaborately presented, otherwise our guests would risk getting a stiff neck from looking at the original panelled ceiling dating from the 18th century, which draws peoples’ gazes upwards as if by magic. Equally captivating are the masterful glass pictures and original rose paintings that decorate the lounge.

The Jagdstube (the Hunting Lounge)

With a rustic tiled stove and healthy Austrian stone pine wood, our Hunting Lounge captures the traditional spirit of Tyrolean cosiness and enchants guests with its warmth and comfort. The original hunting trophies and hand-painted windows amaze people, while the large wooden tables encourage guests to socialise with each other – particularly when the afternoon snacks are served.

Sissi Stube (Sissi’s Lounge)

The great Austrian Empress Elisabeth is brought back to life through the many pictures in Sissi’s Lounge. At the same time, large glass façades provide an incredible view of the surrounding natural landscape and the Zillertal mountains.

The Besteckstube (the Silverware Lounge)

We have our valuable family silverware on display in antique cabinets in the rustic Silverware Lounge of our restaurant in Mayrhofen, right next to the show kitchen. The ceiling is decorated with lampshades made from Murano glass.

The Uhrenstube (the Clock Lounge)

Even if there are many Alpine-style, hand-painted clocks in our Clock Lounge to admire, you can take as much time as you want to enjoy our ElisabethHotel cuisine. We also have our Herend and Meißner dish collections on display here.