Elisense Food

Food with heart and soul.

Happy, content and easily satisfied – our food often corresponds to how we feel. As part of our Elisense vitality concept we will guide you into the exciting world of nutrition. Our specialists will tell you about the processes in our bodies, various different relationships and recommended diets in an informal way.

The Elisense philosophy is also an important component in the kitchen of our restaurant. We do not use white flour and avoid cow’s milk as much as possible in the careful preparation of our food. We pay particular attention to the optimum ripeness of our ingredients, according to the rhythm of the seasons. Not only is this healthy, but it’s also delicious and environmentally friendly. Find out more about our Elisense philosophy here.

Sample Elisense Menu


Soft goat cheese dip – Garden Herbs
Tomato pesto
Fresh. Seasonal. Salad buffet
Chanterelle mushroom aspic
Cold red currant soup with sorbet
Boiled veal 'Tafelspitz'
Leaf spinach / Roasted potatoes
Trilogy from the Gala apple
Goat - & sheep's milk cheese specialties from the Zillertal