The architecture of our design hotel in Tyrol

The art of living well.

Traditional Tyrolean houses have gables, balconies and carvings and this is also how the ElisabethHotel welcomes its guests. Local wood creates connections and warmth, just like a handshake and a heartfelt “hello”. In the retreat of our ElisabethHotel, we pay homage to elegant and modern design. The round building structure brings momentum to rooms whose harmony affects your body and soul. This relaxation is accompanied by a feeling of lightness, evoking the Penken cable cars floating in front of the large windows. All the rooms in the hotel are open and spacious, providing cosy moments in peaceful retreats.

The ElisabethHotel delights.

After ten months of elaborate conversion work, a showpiece hotel with 70 rooms and a spacious spa area has been created in collaboration with the innovative South Tyrolean architect Thomas Urthaler. The crescent-shaped façade of the new building and the modern balcony structure, made with natural grey stone, easily and naturally join onto the existing Tyrolean-style building. In the interior of the building, the natural stone and wood are also combined in a special way to create a clear, creative design.

Together with the interior designer Reinhard Strasser, who is from the Zillertal, and the Wetscher furniture store, we conceived a first-class living area and room design that we have brought to life with the best materials from the surrounding natural environment and craftsmanship from the region. We have succeeded in creating clear, modern structures that create a cosy atmosphere and provide an invigorating break from a world that constantly assaults all of our senses. The rooms in our hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal are particularly well suited for an unforgettable romantic break.

The pleasant design made with chalet-style materials and solid wood panelling also creates space for liveliness and socialising. In the entrance area, comfortable armchairs and wingback chairs invite you to linger for a moment. On winter evenings, the fire crackles in the fireplace while the stars light up the night sky over the Zillertal outside the large windows. In addition to the rooms and suites, calm relaxation zones both inside and outside our hotel in Mayrhofen entice you to lie back and let time stand still.

Erwachsenenhotel ElisabethHotel Spa Winteransicht

Natural materials.

At the forefront of his considerations, our architect, Reinhard Strasser, thought about the natural world, the surrounding region and how these could be expressed in a modern design. Therein lay the challenge – and also the opportunity – for him to leave a mark on the design of our romantic hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal and to find new ideas to show that classic Alpine materials can be used in a modern way.

edelste Materialien und Stoffe im ElisabethHotel
traditionelles Betthaupt mit Blumenbouqet

Aesthetic with a touch of tradition.

In the newly equipped existing building, as well as in the new part of the ElisabethHotel, old and new are combined in complete harmony. They create a balance which has an effect on your body and soul and makes your stay in our adults only hotel a well-balanced and peaceful experience.

schönster Hotelflur Europas

Tyrolean comfort and the futuristic design of elegant fittings from the sophisticated Hansaliving range may sound as contradictory as wooden carvings and reclaimed wooden gables combined with solid surface bathtubs. But, in reality, it’s quite the opposite: the sleek, cubic bath smoothly fits into the overall design and gives a new interpretation of the Alpine mountain world. The main material used is always wood and it is used in various ways, both in the existing and new buildings, and in the luxurious Elisense Spa. This exciting combination with highly modern elements creates a subtle aesthetic and therefore an expressive, homely feeling which is both timeless and distinctive.

Nature is our beginning, our origin and the foundation of all human endeavours. We have chosen to express this through our careful selection of construction materials. Oak hardwood floors made from natural wood, grey, scorched pine from the northern sides of old houses and real, natural stones can be found in the floors, wall elements and even in the furniture at the hotel, adding a piece of the Zillertal to each of our rooms. At the same time, sumptuous carpets made from pure sheep’s wool cushion your steps. Soft, precious natural materials and carefully coordinated natural colours define the ambience. Expertly arranged light and dark shades comfort the eyes, while bright spots of colour elevate the mood.