A special hotel in the Zillertal.

Elisense. For the senses.

“Holisticism” sounds like a 21st century buzzword. However, holistic thinking and feeling are the foundations of a philosophy about life and health which is thousands of years old. It’s the idea that we are all one with the world, that the spirit and body must listen to each other so that they can really understand one another, and that relationships must always be perceived and understood as being bodily and spiritual in order to be truly internalised. This is precisely what the Elisense philosophy is built on. In our beauty hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal, we have not just established this philosophy, but we live it with our hearts and souls. This can be seen in the architecture and design of our spa areas, rooms and suites, as well as in our culinary offerings, as the Elisense philosophy is, above all else, holistic.

Elisense is no normal spa treatment programme: in fact, it is based on understanding, knowledge and commitment. For this reason, your spa hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal collaborated with the Zillertal Sportclinic to develop a shared and sustainable health concept which goes above and beyond, thinks further and pays attention to all of the senses.

Elisense integrates the areas of diagnosis, living, sleeping, exercise, eating and learning. These areas will only have a positive effect on us if we understand the relationships and materiality between them. Get more out of your holiday in the Zillertal. With Elisense and the ElisabethHotel in Mayrhofen, you will gain valuable knowledge that you can integrate into your everyday life, even after your stay with us, for better vitality, health and well-being.

The 5 building blocks of the Elisense philosophy.

Recognition. Understanding. Internalisation.

Elisense Spa

Feeling means seeing with your eyes closed.

Our Elisense Spa world of well-being is your Alpine refuge that can affect you in many different ways. A recreation of the Zillertal mountain environment, our spa area invites you to not just recognise the essence of nature, but to be fully immersed in it. Natural stone, precious wood, soft moss and lush green pine trees are just begging to be experienced. Crystal-clear spring water gently caresses your skin, while the unique ambience welcomes you with light and sound installations and brings you closer to your centre.

Elisense Spa builds on the potential and power of local mountain herbs, Alpine flowers and medicinal plants. Essential oils and natural packages are selected for you in our in-house herbal kitchen and are prepared individually, according to your needs. We deliberately concentrate on the tradition, knowledge and skills of our doctors and herbal experts from our local mountains.

Elisense Active

Being active makes you happy and healthy.

Regular exercise strengthens your body and spirit and guarantees a long-lasting good feeling. From a medical point of view, there is no alternative: exercise is the best thing that you can do for yourself, but how you exercise is up to you. We recommend that you get outside. Out in the mountains, in nature, in sunshine and in wind and rain. Feel nature on your skin, fill your lungs with fresh Alpine air and quench your thirst with the crystal-clear water from bubbling springs. There are countless exercise options around our hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal, and you can use them to discover the beauty of the surrounding area. As part of our Elisense Active programme, our highly trained members of staff will determine your achievement potential and decide what is best for you.

Elisense Life

The happiness that surrounds us. 

Everything that surrounds us and that we sense and feel each day has an influence on our well-being. Therefore, it’s of particular importance that we pay attention to high aesthetic quality and optimal function, particularly when it comes to the design and furnishing of our living spaces. Our entire hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal was planned, constructed and furnished on the basis of this knowledge. High-quality materials, perfect design, elaborate details and an exciting mix of tradition and modernity come together in an exciting interaction. They combine with each other fluidly and bring archaic shapes to the fore, while everyday life fades into the background and we arrive at ourselves. We have aligned our spa, and the entire hotel, to our unique Elisense philosophy.

We have focused on sleep in particular as we spend, on average, 24 years of our life doing this. That’s a very long time and it shows us just how important sleep is – just think about how you feel after a sleepless night. Now imagine what it’s like to sleep through the night, surrounded by silence, on a mattress that is perfect for you, with your room at exactly the right temperature. Everything in perfect harmony. The body needs to regenerate at night, just like you need air to breathe. It is exactly for this reason that we have taken these things carefully into consideration with the design of our rooms and suites, to ensure that the beds and the arrangement of the rooms promote sleep. You can notice the difference in our hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal.

Elisense Food

Food with heart and soul.

Whether we like it or not – we are what we eat (and we feel it as well). You’ll certainly know the feeling when something is lying “heavy in the stomach” or when you sometimes feel tired or subdued after eating. Our eating habits make us, but here’s a big secret (that isn’t really a secret at all): we can change our habits to make us feel better, perform better and concentrate more, as well as making us happier, more content and fuller more quickly. This is why cuisine is a central part of our vital concept. Together with our partners, we will take you on a journey into the world of nutrition and will show you medical processes and relationships to your health in an exciting – and delicious – way.

Completely without coercion or judgement, casually and freely – just like the holidays in our hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. Our kitchen will show you how it’s done. We don’t use white flour and we try to use as little cow’s milk as possible in the careful preparation of all our products. We pay particular attention to the optimum ripeness of our ingredients according to the seasons, which is not only healthy and well tolerated by the human body, but also really tasty and environmentally friendly. We are also happy to prepare food for you according to your own individual dietary requirements.

Elisense Med

Get to know your body and spirit.

Together with our specialists, you can develop practical health awareness in an easy and fun way and you can then apply this to your everyday life, problem-free. In this way, your body and spirit will stay fit for a long time. Our tip: it’s never too early to start leading a holistic, healthy life.

The Sportclinic is our partner and is located just a few minutes from the hotel in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal. There, you can undergo a comfortable and pain-free comprehensive check in just two hours. The check is a valuable basis for a further evaluation and for the selection of optimum treatments that are perfect for you.

The new insights that you gain can be beneficial to you in many ways. Together with our clinic partners, we can create a tailored shopping list for an appropriate and energising diet and an individual plan for an optimum lifestyle that you can test during your stay and then effectively integrate into your everyday life when you return home. In addition, Zillertal Sportclinic offers numerous medical services, and even surgical procedures and treatments that are required can be prepared and performed here.