Exclusive living: our rooms in the Zillertal valley.

Timeless, luxury living. Sleek elegance with a very personal touch.

We have redone a lot. We have re-designed without affecting the essence of the space and have taken some risks but gained a lot. With us, the new has been unobtrusively and modestly added to the old and a dance-like symbiosis has taken place. The result? A beautiful meeting of originality. tradition and modern, timeless aspects. Of incomparable homeliness, exquisite cosiness and a lot of holiday happiness. Book your suite or room with us in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal and discover exclusive living for yourself.

Our rooms and suites in the Zillertal

are decorated in a light, modern style which results in clear-cut lines. In harmonious contrast to this, elegant furniture and panelling made from reclaimed wood with a light, silvery appearance make each room cosy in its own special way. Large windows and glass surfaces provide light, sun and splendid views, and the careful lighting plan discreetly generates a feeling of comfort throughout the hotel from early in the morning to late at night. Our rooms and suites in the Zillertal are more than just a place to sleep. They are spaces that we use to celebrate the exclusive, the special and to create a whole new living concept in this region of Austria.

Elegance par excellence:
Heaven Penthouse Suite.

The queen of our rooms and suites, our penthouse suite redefines Alpine living and delights guests with a completely new attitude towards life in a 120 m2 space with an exclusive private spa and steam shower, precious wood, real, natural stone and sumptuous fabrics. In addition, there are two spacious bedrooms, a cosy fireplace, a huge roof terrace with mountain views and a sense of vitality. But best of all: with such lovely views, the Grünberg, our local mountain, seems a little bit greener.