Our beauty treatments, wellness and massage offers in the Zillertal in Tyrol.

Draw strength – our treatments
in the Elisense Spa.

With us, the latest trends from the world of beauty meet proven, ancient knowledge and are combined with the highest-quality care products from Alpienne and Thalgo. This produces a vitality-rich combination of long-lasting, effective beauty and wellness treatments which will add a special touch to your holiday in the ElisabethHotel.

Fully in line with the principles of our Elisense philosophy, our professional beauty and spa team will transport you to a world of senses with efficient massages, delightful body wraps and refreshing cosmetic treatments, as well as special treatments for the hands and feet.

Our Classic Massages

Let you enchant by the cosy ambience and enjoy the pleasant warmth of a full body wrap and the enjoyable sensation of weightlessness lying comfortably on the floating bed. The use of the occlusion technique is aimed at increasing the skin’s capacity of absorbing nutrients.

partial massage

The back and leg massage is aimed at easing tension

  • 20 mins € 35,–

Foot reflexology massage

The reflexology treatment is a popular foot massage which has beneficial effects on the whole body through the stimulation of the reflex points on the feet

+ 50 mins € 65,–

Full body massage

This treatment helps release muscle tension, stimulates the blood circulation and induces a pleasant feeling of warmth in the whole  body

+ 40 mins € 48,–

INDIVIDual massage

This massage will be adapted to suit your personal needs

+ 50 mins € 65,–

aromatic oil massage

Enjoy this soothing and harmonising full body massage with "4 element oils" (fire, earth, water, air). There is a special essential oil to suit any skin type

+ 50 mins € 70,–


Back therapy

A back and neck poultice warmth in preparation for the following massage. The treatment is particularly advisable for muscle tension in the back and neck area

  • 50 mins € 69,–


Verkrampfungen und Unwohlsein in der Magen-Darmregion werden durch ein warmes Heudampfl und einer speziellen Colonmassage gemildert. Zu empfehlen bei: Problemen in der Magen-Darmregion, zur Leberentgiftung und vor Gewichtsreduktion.

50 min € 69,–

body treatment

Treat yourself to this full body skin care followed by a nurturing poultice on our flotation bed. We will be happy to give you advice

  • 50 mins € 69,–


Nach einer Ohrenkerzenanwendung konzentriert sich die Massage auf Ihren Kopf-Schulter-Nackenbereich. Zu empfehlen bei: Migräne, Kopfschmerzen und Nackenverspannungen.

50 min € 69,–

'Frigi' wraps

'Frigi' wraps are cooling poultices applied to the legs with the aim to eliminate toxins and remove excessive fluid. The treatment is recommended for swollen legs and feet as well as for varicose or spider veins.

  • 50 mins € 69,–

polynesia - ganzkörperbehandlung

Begeben Sie sich auf eine exotische, tiefenentspannende Sinnesreise zu den fernen Inseln Polynesiens. Genießen Sie zuerst ein zartschmelzendes Ganzkörperpeeling mit darauf folgender Feuchtigkeitspackung in unserer Wasserschwebeliege. Abgerundet wird die Behandlung mit einer Massage.

80 min € 110,–

cold cream marine behandlung

Ihre Haut ist sensible, trocken und gereizt? Durch dieses einzigartige Behandlungskonzept wird ihre Haut wieder beruhigt, repariert und gestärkt. Genießen Sie zuerst wohltuende Intensivpackungen in der Wasserschwebeliege für Gesicht & Körper. Anschließend entspannen Sie bei einer 40-minütigen Massage.

80 min € 119,–

BODY PALP (Schröpfen)

Erfüllen Sie sich den Traum der perfekten Bikinifigur und sagen Sie mit Hilfe der Figurpflege-Revolution Body Palp „Au revoir“ zu unschöner Cellulite und schlaffer Haut. Mit dem sensationellen Fruchtsäurepeeling Slim-Peel wird Ihre Haut perfekt vorbereitet. Alternativ genießen Sie je nach gewünschter Behandlungszone eine intensiv straffende oder eine Slimming-Packung mit effizienten maritimen Wirkkomplexen. Danach perfektioniert die Thalgo Body Palp Massage mit patentierter Unterdrucktechnologie Ihre Körpersilhouette. Freuen Sie sich auf straffe Haut und definierte Kontouren.

50 min                                  €79.-
20 min (nur Schröpfen)     €38.-

MERVEILLE ARCTIQUE – Wunder der Arktis

Lassen Sie sich mit dem neuen Thalgo Spa Ritual Merveille Arctique auf eine atemberaubende Reise durch unendliche Eislandschaften entführen. Zu Beginn wird Ihr Körper mit einem belebenden Peeling erfrischt. Umhüllt vom zarten Duft nach Pulverschnee entspannen Sie nun bei einer Körpermassage mit arktischem Massageöl in einer perfekten Symbiose aus warmen Händen und kühlenden Eiskugeln.

80 min €115.-

Special Massages

Harmonising hot stone massage

A delight for body and soul. Hot basalt stones will give you renewed energy and strength. The treatment also helps relieve stress  and tension

  • 50 mins € 79,–
  • 80 mins € 109,–

herbal compress massage

This treatment is aimed at easing tension in the muscles and tissue, stimulating the metabolism and detoxifying the body and nurtures the skin by the beneficial trickling effectsof the hot herb stamps

+ 80 mins € 119,–

AYURVEDA - The Indian 'Science of Life'


Abhyanga is a gentle full body massage with warm oils which penetrate deeply into the skin and remove fat soluble toxins from the tissue. Straight and circular strokes at vital spots (marma points) help restore the energy flow

+ 80 mins € 125,–


This treatment consists in massaging and stretching the feet, lower legs and knees by gently stroked. The massage also helps soothe and strengthen the nervous system

+ 40 mins € 54,–


The ayurvedic face, head and neck massage relieves headaches, migraine and neck tensions and helps improve the quality of sleep

+ 40 mins € 54,–

Our 'Alpienne' Spa Rituals

Natural remedies for your health


Enjoying a gentle foot massage with St.John's wort lotion, you can reflect on the events of the day. Having cleared your mind, you can fully indulge yourself in deep relaxation. The foot massage is followed by a soothing massage with St.John's wort lotion and steam-heated herbal stamps

+ 50 mins € 75,–

Alpienne Zirben Vitalmassage

Eine wohltuende Ganzkörpermassage mit warmen Zirbenstäben sorgt für tiefe Entspannung.

50 min           €75.-


When you have enjoyed some physical activity, we cannot recommend you anything better than this foot massage with marmot oil combined with a revitalising sports massage with marmot oil

+ 50 mins € 75,–


Zuerst bekommen Sie ein Ganzkörperpeeling und danach wird mit der von Ihnen ausgewählten Massagemilch massiert. Als Geschenk erhalten Sie ein kleines Entspannungsset für Zuhause kostenlos dazu.

+ 70 min € 115,–

ALPIENNE DETox massage behandlung

Das speziell für die Entschlackung und Entgiftung geeignete Zeolithgestein ist Basis dieser Behandlung. Durch die Kombination von hochwertigen zertifizierten Wirkstoffen und dem Know How entgiftender Reflexzonen wird mit Hilfe von Massagen und entgiftenden Pads ein sehr guter Detox-Prozess im Körper aktiviert.

+ 50 min € 79,–

Flotation bed treatments

Therapeutic poultice with evening primrose oil

This nurturing treatment, which helps regulate the metabolism, is recommended for the care of stressed skin due to irritations, inflammation or allergies

  • 40 mins € 45,–

nurturing grape poultice

Thanks to the enzymatic properties of the grapes, this poultice is a real 'Fountain of Youth' for the skin

  • 40 mins € 45,–

hay poultice

With the fragrant organic mountain hay being rich in herbs, the poultice helps efficiently revitalise and detoxify the body and stimulates mildly the cardiovascular system

  • 40 mins € 45,–

hot marine mud poultice

The volcanic mineral-rich mud has beneficial effects on rheumatic diseases affecting the connective tissue and muscles as well as chronic rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago and sciatica. It also helps relieve muscle soreness and hardness. The therapy is also suitable for the treatment of skin disorders

  • 40 mins € 45,–

Facial treatments with products by Thalgo

Anti Ageing – first lines

Marine Collagen

The substance helps smooth the first lines and prevent the development of wrinkles. The result is a rosy youthful skin with a bright and radiant complexion

+ 80 mins           €119.-

Anti Ageing- Wrinkles

Marine Silicon

The application of a mix of marine silicon, collagen and hyaluronic acid is an effective treatment for slackened skin, leaving it tighter and firmer

+ 80 mins           €119.-

Treatment for best anti-ageing results

an extraordinary treatment

This unique treatment produces visible and long-lasting results after just one session, reducing the wrinkles and leaving the facial skin with a beautiful firm and bright complexion

+ 80 mins           €129.-

M Ceutic facial treatment

The first corrective approach which tackles the causes of skin problems and eliminates effectively skin impurities, leaving the skin youthful, velvety and bright

+ 50 mins           €89.-

'Deep Ocean' facial treatment

MARINE source

Treat yourself to this refreshing treatment which moisturises the skin for 24 hours and gives it a brighter complexion

+ 80 mins           €99.-

Facial treatment only for him


This facial care, being both nurturing and relaxing, pampers the sensitive male skin

  • 50 mins € 69,–
  • 80 mins € 99.-

Quick care

This treatment will be adapted to the needs of your skin and includes cleaning, exfoliation, massage, cream mask and finish

+ 50 mins           €69.-

extra services complementing the facial treatments

  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting and shaping € 19,–
  • Intensive care for swollen eyes € 19,–
  • As a single treatment (20 mins) € 29,–

anti cellulite treatment

The beauty care, designed to give you a radiant appearance, starts with an intensive treatment aimed at firming and reshaping the body. A wrap stimulates the blood and oxygen flow in the skin. Subsequently, two highly effective revitalising care products are applied to the skin to prevent the reappearance of undesirable fatty deposits. The 'Perfect Sculpt Massage' ensures a long lasting effect, leaving you with a firmer and better defined body contours. The result: a well-shaped body and a smooth and tight skin

  • 50 mins € 79,–

detoxifying body treatment
THALASSO therapy

Due to a poor nutrition, a lack of outdoor activities and stress, the body may suffer from a mineral deficiency. Therfore, it is important to provide the body with these nutrients and get rid of waste products. Indulge yourself with this detoxifying full body treatment followed by a seaweed wrap and finishing with moisturiser

50 mins € 79,–

Facial treatments with products by 'Alpienne'

Fountain of youth

Enjoy this unique anti-ageing facial treatment with 'Bio-Pir' products. These care products, rich in trace elements and B-vitamins help refine the skin texture and smooth small wrinkles. The anti-ageing treatment is completed by additional care for the eyes, neck, décolleté and hands

  • 110 mins € 145,–

invigorating treatment

Indulge yourself with this face, neck and décolleté treatment with nurturing active substances from the Tyrolean mountains- only the best products to suit any skin type, made from honey, camomile and calendula

  • 80 mins € 99,–


Facial skin care for all beauty enthusiasts. Let us pamper you with nourishing substances. In the end you will enjoy a great extensive face and neck massage

  • 50 mins € 69,-

Bright eyes

This treatment focuses on the eye area. An eye mask, an eye cream application and a massage will give you a new radiant appearance. The treatment is completed by a facial peel and finish

  • 20 mins € 39,–

Hand and foot care

Cosmetic pedicure

Keeping your feet in good condition, you can walk more comfortably. We offer bespoke treatments to suit any of your wishes. After a standard pedicure treatment, you can choose from nail varnish, peel, nurturing wrap or massage

  • 50 mins € 59,–

cosmetic manicure

'Our hands are our business card!' We will provide care and pamper your hands according to your wishes. After a standard manicure treatment, you can choose from nail varnish, peel, nurturing wrap or massage

  • 50 mins € 59,–


Sie bekommen Peeling, Handcreme und eine Paraffinhandpackung. Damit werden sogar strapazierte Hände wieder geschmeidig.

  • 20 min € 31.-
  • 20 min € 25.- (in Kombination mit einer Fuß- oder Handbehandlung)
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