Your gourmet hotel in Mayrhofen.

Experience diversity and a regional focus.

With the wide variety of treats provided by the ElisabethHotel, you will experience the flavour of Zillertal, paired with the best that international gourmet cuisine has to offer. Hearty, sweet or savoury – always prepared fresh and with love. The secret to our cuisine? We take time for each individual dish that we make. We conjure up refined creations for your plate with lots of dedication and creativity – and, because you eat with your eyes first, you can experience our cuisine in rustic lounges and stimulating rooms. The best accompaniment? The excellent wine from our well-stocked cellar. Guten Appetit!

Providing the best service is part of our quality promise.

Here at the ElisabethHotel, our accommodating, attentive and understated service awaits – and not just in the restaurant, but throughout the rest of the hotel as well. We are happy to fulfil any requests that you may have during your stay, however small, and will help you to plan activities. For us, hospitality is a point of honour. A real smile and an authentic manner are just as much a part of the experience that we offer as the best ingredients and a tasteful atmosphere.

Fine wines in a sophisticated atmosphere.

The quality of a luxury hotel can be seen in the cellar, according to many wine connoisseurs. And they are completely right! At least, you can measure the quality according to what is in the wine store. When it comes to wine, we can put forward a collection of full-bodied treasures and serve them with expert knowledge. Our service team will be happy to share their in-depth knowledge with you and will recommend the wine that is best suited to the moment.

Eating with your eyes, right from the start.

In our show kitchen you can see and hear what’s sizzling in the pan and you can see how our well-trained kitchen team enthusiastically wield their cooking spoons and sprinkle freshly ground herbs and spices from the mountains over their creations. Just watching the food being prepared gives you an appetite. In addition, we place great value on stylish decoration – no over-the-top flourishes, but instead sleek elegance that perfectly partners with the diners’ surroundings. However, for us there is one thing that must take centre-stage above everything else: the taste.

Kulinarik im Hotel im Zillertal

The Zillertal for the palate.

Sometimes it’s simple, regional dishes that are the most delicious and this is particularly true in Zillertal, where real home cooking is still a big part of life. You can enjoy authentic Zillertal delicacies in our restaurant in Mayrhofen. Particular highlights include Zillertaler Krapfen (filled, fried savoury doughnuts), Käsespätzle (soft egg noodles with cheese, usually topped with fried onions and chives), a hearty Tiroler Gröstl (a potato dish with pork or beef, onions and mushrooms cooked in butter) or lovely Kaiserschmarrn (a type of fluffy, shredded pancake, usually including raisins and served with jam or a fruit compote). Of course, you can also enjoy international haute cuisine during your stay with us. Our exquisite 5-course gourmet menu offers various different options. All of our dishes are light and easy to digest and are prepared with fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients. There is also always a vegetarian option available and our specially trained members of staff will be happy to advise you if you have any special dietary requirements. We are also happy to prepare vegan dishes upon request. Our summer BBQ evenings provide particularly hearty fare – and they’re also very fun.

„Herein in die gute Stube!"

Our cuisine. Your pleasure experience:

+ Light and easy-to-digest food
+ High-quality ingredients
+ Products from our own farm
+ Crisp, fresh salad buffet
+ Regional and international cheese specialities
+ Vegetarian dishes available

Breakfast buffet and afternoon snack

For an unforgettable morning and a great day: 

Waking up at the ElisabethHotel is easy – even for people who like to sleep a little later. Our vitality breakfast is so delicious that it’s worth getting out of bed for. And even if you wake up a little later, it’s not a problem! Our breakfast ends at 11am. You can enjoy delicate cheese and sausage specialities which are prepared by hand in our kitchen using our original Berkel slicing machine. You can also enjoy our wonderful, guilt-free organic corner, freshly roasted Meinl coffee and much more. Every afternoon, we surprise you with light, cold dishes and tasty soups. There are also regional bacon and cheese, and delicious homemade cakes and strudel on offer.

Our breakfast buffet – for a great start to the day:

+ Crusty bread
+ Succulent fruit and fresh juices
+ Farmers ham
+ VERIVAL Organic Muesli
+ Yoghurts
+ Cheese specialities from Mayrhofen Alpine Dairy
+ Our own organic corner
+ Meinl coffee
+ Ronnefeldt speciality teas
+ Hot savoury and sweet egg dishes