Fresh and new while preserving our unique features.
Opens July 26, 2014.


premium, private, reserve

Premium: At ElisabethHotel, we have a long tradition of celebrating the art of hospitality. We feel obligated to live up to premium standards in order to be your first choice in Mayrhofen also in the future.

Private: Refers to a place that is open to a select group of persons. The ElisabethHotel welcomes adults with a sophisticated lifestyle.

Reserve: The ElisabethHotel wants to be an intimate, serene and peaceful retreat for guests to the international resort of Mayrhofen.

Entspannen im Wellnesshotel in Tirol


peaceful retreat for adults – no children

The traditional ElisabethHotel is emerging as a new retreat for recreation and romantic elegance. The philosophy is based on the requirements of a sophisticated adult lifestyle. Our hotel is designed to appeal to adult guests looking for exclusive and secluded holiday delights, and we therefore made the deliberate choice not to offer any child-friendly features or discounts.

Families with children are warmly welcome to our partner hotel Alpendomizil Neuhaus, which features great amenities and offers for families with children.

Constructing a new dream hotel... 


one brick closer every day

The new ElisabethHotel was planned in every detail before we began construction. Every angle and every window has a purpose – to create an environemnt where our guests can feel welcome, relaxed and at ease.
The construction cam shows the view from the main house toward the new wing. The film shows one image per per day.


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