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Zillertaler Schlager Music Night:  
Aug. 23, 2014

Hansi Hinterseer ∙ Semino Rossi ∙ Die Amigos ∙ Nockalm Quintett ∙ Die Ladiner ∙ Marc Pircher ∙ Ursprung Buam ∙ Die Jungen Zillertaler ∙ Zellberg Buam ∙ Sigrid & Marina ∙ Die Mayrhofner ∙ Die Fetzign ∙ Freddy Pfister Band ∙ DJ Mox

Hooo Ruck Fest - Tolle Veranstaltungen im Zillertal - ElisabethHotel

Hooo Ruck Fest Oct. 1 - 5, 2014

The alpine dairy ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal celebrates the traditional "Almabtriebsfest" livestock return together with the Mayrhofnern ∙ Erwin Aschenwald ∙ Marc Pircher ∙ den Zellberg Buam ∙ den Ursprung Buam and many more.

Der Almabtriebe im Zillertal - ElisabethHotel

Transhumance in Zillertal

At the end of September/start of October it is time for the livestock to return from their summer grazing in the mountins. For this event, the cows are decorated with magnifiscent headdresses and are driven back to the village where they are greeted with a traditional feast.